Uncover a masterpiece


Something about me...

Looking back over my life, no one could have told me I would become a fashion stylist. As a tomboy, fashion was never even an interest…or so I thought.  Ironically, however, I always found myself giving fashion advice to family and friends and soon became the ‘go-to’ expert or the “fashion police,” as my cousin affectionately termed it. Over the years, I found my interest growing and eventually realized this was really a natural gift for me. I started being asked to help individuals create different looks and I fell in love. And there it began, for the past 5 years, I’ve worked with so many co-workers, friends, family and church members, that their friends and family have started contacting me for styling advice, and now I want to lend my services to you.  My life’s work is to take you, the blank canvas, and together uncover a masterpiece of fashion and beauty.


Tracy L.,

Personal Style Coach